Strengthening Client Relationships to Deliver Positive Outcomes

By September 19, 2019 September 24th, 2019 Stories

We pride ourselves on going that extra mile when it comes to our client relationships. We know that establishing positive relationships and getting under the skin of the clients we work with and their industries result in positive outcomes which is why we recently welcomed Philippa Platten who is a Marketing Executive for our longstanding client, Heald Ltd to KC Communications for the week.

Read on to discover what Philippa learnt from a week of agency life…

After working at Heald as a Marketing Executive for the past two years with the help of our external marketing and PR agency, KC Communications, it was about time I came down to Huddersfield to experience agency life for the week.

My passion is marketing and I love my job, but I wanted to see what happens behind closed doors in an agency and enhance my own marketing knowledge that I could take back and use at Heald. Just as I expected, it was a non-stop week full of learning, bouncing off each other with new ideas and also fun!

On Monday I was introduced to the lovely KC Team by Katrina; Kirstie, Heidi, and Laura. I then got stuck in straight away by doing some research on the good news in the Huddersfield area and drafting some social media posts, ready to be shared on the Huddersfield Business Week social media feeds. My other KC activities included different types of research, including looking into different publications for clients to advertise in and event research. I’m sure that most people don’t realise how much research goes into marketing before you even think about making a start on other activities, such as advertising, social media, and PR. There is so much work that goes into those initial first stages!

Another part of my week was being invited to sit in on some of the team meetings to get an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and to also be involved in the discussions. We also had a learning lunch on Friday morning which was lovely. It gave everyone the opportunity to share their findings from courses they had recently been on, which included a PR and SEO networking event I attended with Kirstie and Heidi on Wednesday.

Being in the office with KC team also gave me the opportunity to really focus on Heald’s own marketing strategies, including social media, blogs, and PR. Having the time in the office enabled me to get my head down and get some creative ideas flowing with Katrina about what we can do for Heald, and how we can help Heald achieve its business goals. I have certainly come away with pages of notes and ideas ready to put into action at Heald!

It was great to finally meet everyone at KC Communications and put names to faces. The atmosphere was very welcoming and the variety of music was great! Spending a week in an agency flew by, showing that agency life is definitely fast-paced and non-stop! Thank you to Katrina and everyone for my week at KC Communications, it has opened my eyes and given me a true insight into working in a marketing agency, as well as giving me new ideas to take back and implement at Heald.