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By April 7, 2017 Stories

From mini photo shoots to being shortlisted for an award, it’s been an exciting two weeks in the KC Comms office! The world of social has been pretty interesting too this week so we thought we would put together our highlights of team KC and the world wide web!

1. We’re shortlisted in the Prolific North Awards 2017!

Last Thursday (30th) we found out that we have been shortlisted in Prolific North’s ‘Small PR Agency’ *cue squeals of excitement and very excited team*

This year has got off to a great start and this was the cherry on top of three fantastic months for KC! So we’ll all be getting our glad rags on and heading down to Manchester for the awards on May 11th for an exciting night.

2. Strike a pose!

With two shiny newbies, we felt it was time to squeeze in a nice team photo.  Armed with a fancy looking camera and white back drop, our latest recruits, Lauren and Paula got some shots taken before we all piled in for a few fun group shots. Keep your eyes peeled as I’m sure we will share some of the outtakes on social! Thanks to John Early for getting some great shots!

From what’s been going on with team KC to what’s been going on in the world online!

3. Pepsi creates global uproar!

When a global company such as Pepsi releases an advert featuring model, reality star and one-fifth of the Kardashian clan, Kendall Jenner, it’s kind of a big deal. So when this advert is subsequently pulled less than 24-hours later, you know someone is in trouble.

The advert was slammed for their insensitive approach, particularly towards the Black Lives Matter riots and was quickly trending on Twitter. This sparked discussion on their marketing direction and prompted the question; “how did no one pick up on this in the early stages of production?”.

4. Twitter updates.

We all know the frustration of having to squash our Tweets down or shortening words to fit them into the 140-character count. Or when Twitter handles gobble up those all-important characters when writing responses. Well, fear not social media warriors, with the latest Twitter update came the resolution to just this…Twitter handles are no longer included in the character count for responses! Thank you Twitter, now all you need to do is make Tweets editable and all will be well.

5. April Fool’s Day.

For years’ brands have been utilising April 1st to catch us out and pull the wool over our eyes with their best April Fool’s Day jokes and this year was no different.

The Telegraph have kindly put together the best pranks for 2017 but our personal favourite was the Domino’s Letterbox Warmer. As an avid pizza lover, I was left wondering why this isn’t and can’t be a real thing?! Check out the full list here.