The Social Shoutout! Find out what’s new on social media this week.

By October 13, 2017 Stories

Time for our weekly update of what’s new on social media. From celebrity apps, to YouTube video campaigns, to the latest Twitter features. Check out the latest trends here!

The Swift Life

Taylor Swift has launched an app which promises to give her fans exclusive content and photos, as well as direct engagement with the singer herself.

The app has been produced in partnership with Glu, the leader in 3D freemium mobile gaming, who have helped other celebrities including Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian create their mobile games.

Taylor has one of the biggest and most vocal fan bases in the world known as ‘Swifties’. She has the fifth highest number of followers on Instagram, beaten only by Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Cristiano Ronaldo and Beyoncé.

The singer, who reached UK number one in September with ‘Look what you made me do’ will also launch her own emoji stickers, ‘Taymojis’, later this year.

Twitter lets you ‘Save for Later’

Twitter users will now be able to bookmark tweets so they can easily, and privately, find and reread them at a later time.

Although liking or retweeting would give the same effect, the new bookmark feature will allow this to be done secretly without your followers seeing. Let the stalking commence!

The social media platform will also be adding a ‘Happening Now’ feature.

A carousel of events that are currently happening will be displayed. If a news item catches your eye, by clicking it you’ll be taken to a list of algorithmically organised tweets connected to the story.

Initially, the feature will focus on sports events, but eventually ‘Happening Now’ suggestions will be tailored to each user’s interests.


Every year on October 11th, girls from all around the world come together to celebrate International Day of the Girl. This Wednesday, the annual day’s theme was ‘EmPOWER’ girls.

To celebrate the day, ONE, an international advocacy campaign dedicated to ending poverty have partnered with YouTube to help their #GirlsCount campaign reach a wider audience.

They launched their #GirlsCount campaign earlier this year to help the 130 million girls around the world who still don’t receive an education.

The campaign uses social media and digital technology to raise awareness of the issue and inspire people to act.

Anybody can visit the ONE website, choose a number between 1 – 130 million and record themselves supporting girl’s education.

The overall idea is that 130 million people will submit clips to the campaign. If this target is reached, the finished film will be the longest video in the world and would take over five years to watch!

ONE’s partnership with YouTube has allowed the campaign to draw on the voices of over 50 popular YouTubers such as TheSorryGirls and Whitney White of Naptural85. Together, these YouTube channels can reach an audience of over 32 million people.

To date, ONE have received 17000 #GirlsCount Submissions. That’s already over 30 hours of video footage.

So, what are you waiting for? Help make a difference today. Claim your number now:

Polls Galore

By downloading the app ‘Polly’, Snapchat users can now create multiple choice polls and attach them to their story, allowing their friends to anonymously vote. But it doesn’t stop there!

Instagram Stories have followed the trend, and now we can poll on pretty much every social media we can think of. And, just like on Twitter, your friends will see the current results of the poll as soon as they answer.

But beware, because the creator of the poll can see exactly who voted for what. Perhaps it’s not the best time to vote ‘absolutely not’ against your best friend’s outfit choice!

By Amelia French, Northumbria University