The Social Shoutout! Hashtags, YouTube views as currency & more…

By November 17, 2017 Stories

It’s getting darker and darker…so let’s brighten the day up with our weekly Social ShoutOut! From Instagram’s new follow function, through Twitter further improving user experience to buying a car with…YouTube views – a lot has happened this week in the wonderful world of the Internet.

Instagram might allow you to follow hashtags instead of people

For all Instagram lovers out there, the new feature will introduce yet another way to engage with content on the platform. It will allow users to not only follow other users but also – their favourite hashtags.

It sounds like a very handy and time-saving feature. Instead of having to follow all the fitness bloggers to get your daily dose of #fitspo, or researching the best culinary trendsetters out there, we’ll be able to pop the hashtag in and instantly get the updates in our feed.

It’s also potentially very good news for brands – having all the images under a certain hashtag followed by individual users will allow companies to create even more engagement when running promotions and competitions.

Although it does sound like the feature might overwhelm our feeds a bit (imagine seeing ALL the #cooking posts in your feed!), it has been rumoured that only the most recent and top posts will become part of the feature.

Remember how amazed you were at the moving images in Harry Potter? Facebook is making them happen!

Facebook has been testing a new AI feature which will allow profile pictures to “respond” to likes and comments. Profile pictures will now smile and wink whenever someone interacts with your feed.

The software, which aims at bringing portraits to life was developed by researchers in Tel Aviv and has the aim of the reactions becoming indistinguishable from real videos.

This means that you won’t have to create the portraits with various expressions yourself – the AI software will automatically overlay your face over a pre-created image, and the software will do the animation for you.

The future is officially here!

Ever got frustrated with how long your name is? Twitter has got your back.

Following the move to allow its users 280 characters per tweet, Twitter is now tending to the needs of those with longer names…or expressive personalities. The function will not affect users Twitter handles, only their display names.

What this means is that you’ll now be able to add your middle name (or all your middle names), emoji and symbols to make your Twitter username even more personal.

Although the move is a lot less controversial than the 280 characters’ change, it has sparked some discussion around Twitters refusal to deal with actual usability issues, in turn focusing on cosmetic changes.

Vauxhalls European equivalent, Opel, lets you buy its latest vehicle with YouTube clicks

We’ve all heard of Bitcoins and Litecoins; alternative currencies which now allow you to purchase real goods (fancy an apartment in Dubai?). However, Vauxhall’s European branch, Opel, decided to take virtual currencies a step further.

Convinced by their advertising, Opel has decided to accept views of viral videos as means of paying for their “Online edition” cars:

  • The Karl Rocks Online Edition (€14,747) costs 589,900 YouTube views
  • The Corsa Online Edition (€18,490) costs 739,600 YouTube views
  • The Astra Online Edition (€23,070) costs 922,800 YouTube views

All you need to do is borrow one of the cars for a test drive, shoot a video (obviously not while you’re driving, stay safe peeps!) and make it go viral. So, have a look at the short explanation and go get yourself an Opel!