The Social Shoutout! Self-destructing Facebook updates, #MeToo, bookmarking tweets & more

By October 20, 2017 Stories

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is nearly upon us and our weekly Social ShoutOut is here; from new apps that actually let teenagers be nice to each other to self-destructing Facebook updates. There’s plenty going on in the world of social media so here are our top updates.

New app designed to let teenagers be nice to each other… that’s right, nice!!

You may have seen or heard about a new viral app, tbh, that has been acquired by Facebook this week.

The app, which was launched just over two months ago and is currently only available in the US, was designed with the sole purpose of encouraging users to be kind and complimentary to their contacts by using pre-written messages and polls.

Tbh instantly became a hit and now has over 5 million downloads; proving popular with teenagers, the app allows them to answer polls about their friends anonymously with questions like “who has the best smile” or “who makes you laugh the hardest”.

Facebook’s acquisition of the app forms part of their overall strategy to tackle abuse on social media, which has become a huge issue over the past few years, as well as to help people form better relationships online.

Self-destructing Facebook updates

The content that we see in our newsfeed on Facebook is hugely different to that of 5 years ago; videos, memes and news updates now dominate our newsfeed, leaving the traditional text-only status update in the dirt.

But that might be about to change! Facebook is developing a new feature that will encourage our old-fashioned status updates.

The “Temporary Profile Status” is currently in testing phase but ultimately it is designed to let users post an update that will automatically disappear after a set amount of time – a la Snapchat!

The updates will have a character limit of 101 characters, encouraging snappy text-only statuses, and users will have the ability to set an expiration time for them as well as chose whether they appear on friend’s newsfeeds or just on their profile. Keep an eye out for this new feature and let us know what you think!

Women unite with the Me Too hashtag

This week women from all over the world have come forward to share their experience of sexual harassment using #MeToo, following the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein.

The messages began after actress, Alyssa Milano, posted on Twitter encouraging women to reply to her tweet with ‘Me Too’ if they also had been sexually harassed or assaulted to highlight the magnitude of the problem.

So far, over one million people have used the hashtag on Twitter alone. And I say people because it’s not just women. Over 300,000 men have tweeted about their experiences using the hashtag too.

According to research by Crimson Hexagon, in just 24 hours #MeToo surpassed the amount of uses than two other widely used hashtags, #EverydaySexism and #YesAllWomen, have for the entire year.

Bookmark your tweets to read later

Have you ever been skimming through Twitter, seen something and then spent far too long trying to find it again at a later date?

Twitter is tackling “information overload” with a new feature that will allow users to bookmark those tweets that deserve a bit more of your time.

Currently, the only way to save a tweet so that you can view it another time would either be to DM it to yourself or retweet it – not the easiest or the most private way. So, Twitter is currently testing their new “Save for Later” feature.

The feature on mobile gives an option in the overflow icon to “Add to Bookmarks” which will site below the “Share via DM” option. There is currently no detail on the rollout but Twitter has stated that the design is likely to change before it’s made public.

Snapchat’s Dancing Hotdog makes the perfect Halloween costume

Now some of you may disagree whether this is social media newsworthy but we couldn’t resist mentioning

Snapchat’s Dancing Hotdog… come on, all of you Snapchat users out there will have used the filter at least once!! (In my case, it’s an unhealthy obsession)

Well, our dreams have come true! Snap Inc. has launched a brand-new product – a Dancing Hotdog costume. And right in time for Halloween! The costume launched on Amazon earlier this week and costs a rather pricey $80.

The world-famous filter is arguably one of the most popular launched on Snapchat to date and despite the costume having only been listed on Amazon for a few days, there has already been a number of enthusiastic reviews on the site. Have a read and get your costume here.