The Social Shoutout! iOS 11, Sneaky snap-grabs, FIFA 18 & more…

By September 22, 2017 Stories

It’s that time of week again! With leaves falling outside our office windows, make yourself a chai brew and have a read of our weekly roundup of all things social!

From the recent iOS 11 update to FIFA 18, last week was full of new features, tricky updates and filters we all love and use.

Dig in and let us know what you think of the news!

iOS 11 update

As many of you might have noticed, the iOS has recently undergone a major overhaul. With the iOS 11 update come numerous new features, which broaden the range of what we can do with our iPhones and iPads. Some of the most interesting ones include:

  • Siri is smarter and sounds more human. With the new update, Siri will use deep learning to help you instantly translate phrases between languages.
  • The Control Centre has been revamped and has become customisable. It now includes a wider variety of settings, such as torch and sound level adjustment and data toggling.
  • The design itself has changed slightly, with buttons becoming a lot rounder and gentle looking.
  • The new ‘Drag and Drop’ function allows you to drag images, links etc. from one app to another. This is helpful bearing in mind the new “Finder app” which stores all your local and iCloud Drive files in one place.
  • Do Not Disturb driving mode allows users to block incoming notifications whilst driving. Moreover, it is possible to set up an auto-responder to let the sender know you are currently driving. Safety first!
  • iPad Dock has changed significantly and now features a Mac-like dock to enable quick switching between and access to apps.
  • Apple Pay Peer-to-Peer-payments, which will launch this Autumn, will make it easy to wire transfer money to contacts directly via a message and the embedded Apple Pay app.

Find out more from TechRadar’s video:

Scared of people saving your snaps? Now they can – and you won’t have a clue!

As with every new update, the iOS 11 didn’t come around without imperfections. Users quickly noticed that the new system has introduced a loophole which allows people to secretly record other peoples’ snaps.

The issue can be fixed by downloading the newest update, but both the sender and receiver must have downloaded it for the ‘screenshot’ alert to come up. So, for your peace of mind, make sure you download and install the update now.

Sainsbury’s Snapchat ad

The supermarket chain is the first in the UK to use the glasses to create an ad – which will be featured in Snapchat’s walls. It was shot in a 115-degree form, as to give viewers a first-person experience of huddling over a hot pot of food.

The ad was created by Sainsbury’s Weiden + Kennedy creative agency as part of a wider ‘Live Well’ campaign and aims at appealing to a younger generation of shoppers.

Instagram live filters

 Our beloved image and video app has launched yet another feature. Following the success of the ‘live’ videos, Instagram has introduced Snapchat-like filters users can apply while shooting a live video. Judging by the number of likes, people are already very excited about the update!

FIFA 18 launch

 Although not strictly social news, the FIFA 18 has generated a buzz among the online community. The iconic game is now a playing field not only for its fans but brands as well – Coca-Cola has used Alex Hunter, the game’s fictional footballer protagonist, to promote their brand through a rather cute in-the-tunnel scene. Have a look below and let us know what you think!