The Social Shoutout! Instagram Hack, Whatsapp’s new green tick & more

By September 8, 2017 Stories

#FridayFeeling is trending and our Social Shoutout round-up is here!

And what a week it’s been for social media! This week we’ve got an update on the Instagram hack and how to keep your account protected. We also saw the Australian same-sex marriage debate nearly ‘break’ Twitter. The sought-after tick of approval is piloted on WhatsApp… but it’s not following in Twitter’s footsteps. And finally, Facebook’s icon updates that’ll have you double-taking.

6 million Instagram accounts hacked

This week Instagram announced that over six million of its accounts had been hacked; personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses were exposed on a dark web database created by the hackers.

In addition to millions of private user’s details, it was announced that hundreds of celebrity’s details were also leaked including Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

Hacking is becoming more and more prevalent, so how can you make sure you’re protected? Here are our quick tips on how to keep your Instagram account protected:

  1. Use multifactor authentication – find out more about multifactor authentication here
  2. Use a unique, strong password (This means that you can’t use “Password” as your password or have the same password for everything!!)
  3. Keep your Instagram updated
  4. Contact Instagram if you receive a password reset email that you didn’t request

Following the security breach, Instagram released some updated security tips to make sure your account is protected. Have a read here.

Twitter frenzy following Australian same-sex marriage survey approval

Without doubt, you will have read or heard something about the Australian same-sex marriage debate over the last week or so. But after the Australian High Court agreed to a postal survey on the matter of same-sex marriage, Twitter went into a frenzy.

It’s been one of the most anticipated decisions both in Australia and across the world; leading up to the High Court decision, Twitter reported that over 400 tweets a minute were being published on the matter.

Minutes before the decision was made by the High Court, the government’s website crashed due to high volumes of traffic awaiting the decision.

Australians will receive their postal vote after 12 September 2017 and will have until 7 November 2017 to respond. The results will be announced on 15 November 2017 and following this, it will be voted upon in federal parliament.

WhatsApp introduce “the” green tick

WhatsApp has followed in Twitter’s footsteps and introduced a green tick for all business accounts if their contact information is verified.

The prestigious Twitter tick seems to only exist to define an account’s worth, indicating they may have something important to say and be from a valid source… or to give high profile figures some kind of verification… But the WhatsApp tick is a little different.

The idea around introducing the tick is to reassure users that they are talking to a legitimate business and not a hacker or fraudster. In addition to the tick, all chats with verified business accounts will appear in a yellow text bubble.

WhatsApp are currently piloting the new scheme with a number of business accounts but hope that it will encourage more businesses to use the platform as it will give them verified credibility and make them appear more trustworthy to users.

A new Facebook “Like” button

Last night I was doing my usual nightly ritual of scrolling endlessly through Facebook when it occurred to me that the Facebook icons look different… I couldn’t figure out how but I knew something was different.

So, after a quick Google search, I found out I wasn’t imagining it! Facebook has given their icons a facelift. The iconic button now has a grey outline, rather than being solid grey and has a slightly more rounded look.

The re-design was introduced a couple of weeks ago and it gradually making its way to desktop and mobile but it could be a few more days before it rolls out globally. It might not be the most exciting news but it certainly got my attention so keep an eye out!