The Social Shoutout! Obama smashed records & LinkedIn caught up. Here’s August’s bits.

By September 1, 2017 Stories

We can’t quite believe that it’s September already! It’s been an exciting month for the world of social media, from Obama breaking Twitter records to the hashtag turning 10! So here’s a round-up of August’s best bits.


Obama’s response to Charlottesville became the most liked tweet in history

Earlier in August there was a tragic “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The event sparked worldwide coverag and evoked mixed emotions. Former president Barack Obama took to Twitter to comfort the American people, using the words of Nelson Mandela, and accompanied by a powerful image.

The tweets amassed a total of 5.7 million likes, with the first one becoming the most liked tweet in the history of the platform – overtaking Ellen’s ‘Oscar selfie’ and Ariana Grande’s tweet to fans after the Manchester attacks.

Linked In

Video creation feature in LinkedIn’s app

LinkedIn has realised the rising power of video, and want to allow users to take advantage of this powerful means of communication. At the moment, the feature is only available to frequent contributors, but it will be introduced to everyone soon so keep an eye out!

Even though it was possible to upload videos to LinkedIn from your library, the built in video option will allow users to take videos from within the app, and share them in a matter of seconds – be it a conference report, work hack or a training showcase. This is certainly something we will benefit from in the KC Comms office!


Meme dedicated app is released

For me, and all of my fellow meme lovers out there – our time has come! The new app called Memeois was created by 17-year old Anushk Mittal, and is free to download for all iOS users.

In order to access the app, you are asked to log in with Facebook – it then analyses your data to serve up memes the algorithm finds most suitable to your humour. It doesn’t end there – the app also has a built-in feature which allows you to create your own memes and share them with friends!


The Hashtag turned 10!

Hashtags were introduced by Twitter back in 2007, with the first use being by Former Google and Uber engineer, Chris Messina as a way of tagging a tweet. Hashtags are now used daily as a way to categorise discussions and aid visibility, and although some of us were late to the hashtag party, huge three-quarters of social media users weren’t.

Whether it be on Instagram or Twitter, the use of hashtags has been proven to increase engagement by 12.6%, and a whopping 88% of brand posts include at least one hashtag and are an integral part of discovery and exposure, particularly on Instagram.

As exciting as they are, you can’t just go jumping on the band wagon. If you’re a business looking to increase your engagement and reach you need to analyse how you incorporate it into your marketing plan. If you don’t use Twitter and Instagram as an advertising platform, then, unfortunately, hashtags aren’t for you.

The hashtag has brought us an incredible amount of opportunities both professionally and personally!