The Social Shoutout! From kid friendly T’s & C’s to Facebook facial recognition, see what’s gone on this week.

By October 6, 2017 Stories

As we come to the end of our working week, a lot of social media changes have become a reality that we didn’t expect to happen. There is plenty going on that will be dropping soon to our devices… read about them here!


Social media terms for teens

It’s been a long time coming, but social media platforms have taken the step to ensure terms and conditions are clear for their young users.

Growing up at a much faster rate than ever before, children are acting older than they are, this includes becoming immersed in the world of social media much earlier than they should.

Whilst all sites require you to be 13 to create an account, a simple alteration certainly goes unnoticed when setting up an account.

Children have no idea what awaits them when they sign up to these kinds of sites, often not realising the possible consequences that may come as a result of posting particular information online.

The change is due to be in place by May 2018, with all digital service companies uses by children obliged to simplify their terms and conditions.

WhatsApp Emoji

WhatsApp’s new emoji’s

We all have a favourite emoji and many of us would struggle to convey our thoughts and feelings without them! WhatsApp isn’t blind to this and has managed to re-create a fairly accurate version of Apples emoji for it’s 1.2 billion users.

At a glance, they could easily be confused with the traditional Emoji’s by Apple, but a few minor changes have been made to them. For example, the water pistol is now orange; the ghost no longer has lop-sided eyes and the frying egg now has two yolks.

Most social media sites have created their own range of emoji’s but none of them are as similar as they are with Apples and everyone is confused why they did this change in the first place!


Your face could be all you need to sign into Facebook

Getting locked out of your phone is never a fun time.  But Facebook realises this and is testing a facial recognition tool to help you sign into their platform.

Major breaches across accounts are quite frequent, so the introduction of the facial recognition is set to put a stop to this. Hackers won’t be able to hack if your face isn’t present. Or will they? Only time will tell with this one!

They told TechCrunch, “We are testing a new feature for people who want to quickly and easily verify their accounts and easily obtain ownership in a recovery process”

If it is to happen, it will be put into place for security purposes only… do you think it will work out?

Facebook announcing 5 new add measures

There has been a recent investigation into Russian-backed ads which led up to the U.S Presidential Election and caused quite a stir.

The aims of ads varied, but none of them should have supported any candidate and clearly amplified diverse views on the election.

There was an internal investigation after questions were raised over the role the platform may have played in swaying voter behaviour.  Dis-missing the idea, they have handed over 3,000 ads to congressional investigators to look into.

The network has set up new measures to help them tighten the controls over ad content and ensure the misuses of their platform are minimized where possible.


Twitter adds ability to upload and send videos via tweet deck

TweetDeck has announced that users are now able to upload and send videos via tweet through the Twitter management app.

Twitter has been rolling out gradual upgrades to Tweet Deck over time.  Last September they added new time and date search filters to make it easier to find relevant tweets. Then in May this year they added the capacity to search for tweets quoted by other users.

Even without such updates, there’s already a wide range of ways you can use Tweet Deck, and these smaller additions further add to the apps value, especially for social media managers!