The Social Shoutout! GIF Creation, Uber Tipping, Snapchat and Amazon Anytime!

By July 21, 2017 Stories

It has been a very busy week for new social media activity, but we have collected our top highlights from the week here.  Let us know your thoughts or any comments via our Twitter @kccomms.

Facebook GIF creator

Check out Facebook’s new GIF creator that can be found inside the camera feature through the iOS mobile version of Facebook. A GIF is a short, animated picture that is perfect for sharing online when a simple picture just won’t do! They only last a few seconds, but they give a fun and effective feature to any generic Facebook post. Once they have been created, they can be shared with your friends, or even save them to your phone for future use.

Facebook is hoping it will encourage its users to reply with animated images rather than text. To activate this feature head to the camera feature on the app and swipe left to bring up the GIF creator.

Unfortunately for the moment, it is only an iOS feature, but if it is hugely successful, hopefully, it will hit Android phones very soon.

Snapchat’s 60 Second Videos

Snapchat and Instagram’s rivalry is getting heated now, and it is a constant battle to be at the top! They have now introduced a new feature that means it is easier to record consecutive videos. The new tool lets users create up to 6 x 10-second videos at once. Previously, users were limited to creating one 10-second video at a time. This is ideal for action videos where something is happening, and you don’t have time to stop, send and start another video.

To use the new feature, press and hold the record button down as normal, but after the 10 seconds, it will automatically start to record the next clip. Up to six thumbnails will display at the bottom of the screen every time a 10-second video is recorded. They can still be sent as individuals and posted to friends or your story in chronological order. So how is Instagram going to compete with this?!

Amazon Launches ‘Anytime.’

Amazon doesn’t want to be left in the dark by its competitors so has been working on a new messaging app called ‘Anytime’.  Messaging apps are certainly one of the most popular ways to stay in touch or communicate in 2017. At the moment, Facebook may be winning the battle, but Amazon wants to give them some healthy competition. It is looking to be a full-featured app including video, filters, games and a way to engage with other Amazon services such as shopping, music and food

Facebook Spaces – Virtual Reality

Facebook wants users to start engaging through headsets and meeting up in virtual reality. They have created a new feature called ‘Spaces’ which allows its users to chat with their friends direct from their phone through VR. Oh, the fun bit! You can even create your own Virtual Reality character that is built on your Facebook photos.

However, you can only engage with this is you purchase an Oculus Rift Headset, which is made by a Facebook owned company.

It works in the same way as Facebook Live, in the way it will be instantaneous to reach your friends. Friends can join in the chat by sending comments or reacting with emoji’s. So, why not get creative and start creating 3D objects at a whole new level.

You can go to the Oculus Store and download the software that is required to engage with VR on Facebook.

Uber Tipping

Uber’s in-app tipping is finally here. They are so much cheaper than your usual black cab, so why wouldn’t you want to award them with a little tip at the end of your journey?! Uber even wanted to kick off with a bang, that they said on the 18th July, for every tip donated, they would match it. It must have been a good day to be an Uber driver!

How does it work?  After a trip has been completed the passenger will have an option to give a certain amount or a custom tip. They have 30 days to leave a tip, and it will be directed straight to the driver. This in-app tipping is part of a larger campaign called ‘180 Days of Change’ in which they are trying to improve the driving experience.