The Social Shoutout! Instagram stories, banned Hashtags, the prediction for Facebook usage and of course a celebration of the Hashtag

By August 25, 2017 Stories

The end of the month’s Social Shoutout includes Instagram stories, banned Hashtags, the prediction for Facebook usage and of course a celebration of the Hashtag. Dig in!

Brands that are crushing it with Instagram stories

Recently, many brands have been making great use of the Instagram stories. It’s an interesting format, as from the outside, nobody can judge the success of their efforts, as there is no view or like count. However, we just love how the below are using them to their advantage…

Twitter clearly knows what tweeters enjoy tweeting about. Their stories on Instagram are about news, sports and celebs, prompting users to swipe up to learn more. Therefore, encouraging them to go to Twitter, where the real conversations are happening!

Game of Thrones fans love their merchandise and will leap at any piece of merch that will put them a cut above other fans. Their Instagram stories promoting just that is a great example of them knowing and serving their loyal audience and fan base. They even use a clever hashtag #reptherealm

Instagram recently banned over 60,000 Hashtags, are you using them?!

Did you know that by using just one banned hashtag in your Instagram post, makes all of your hashtags undiscoverable for that post?

Instagram has been doing a good job recently of cleaning up their platform to make it safer and cutting down on overused and abused hashtags. The result is lots of banned hashtags. Some of them are obvious ones… #booty #twerk and #eggplant to name a few,  but some will be a big surprise!! Examples include #hairychest #shesquats #ineedhelplol and #curvy. Who knows what will be banned next!

Facebook could lose younger teens for the first time

A new report from eMarketer has predicted that Facebook usage by 12-17-year-olds will fall this year – the first time there will be a drop for any age group ever! It also says that audiences under 25 are using Facebook less, but are flocking to Instagram and Snapchat more. Though it may not be sustainable, the study predicts that going into 2018, Instagram will be growing much faster than Snapchat. Even more reason to get your Instagram game on!

The Hashtag turns 10!

Hashtags were introduced by Twitter back in 2007, with the first use being by Former Google and Uber engineer, Chris Messina as a way of tagging a tweet. Hashtags are now used daily as a way to

Whether it be on Instagram or Twitter, the use of hashtags has been proven to increase engagement by 12.6%, and a whopping 88% of brand posts include at least one hashtag and are an integral part of discovery and exposure, particularly on Instagram.

As exciting as they are, you can’t just go jumping on the band wagon. If you’re a business looking to increase your engagement and reach you need to analyse how you incorporate it into your marketing plan. If you don’t use Twitter and Instagram as an advertising platform, then, unfortunately, hashtags aren’t for you.

The hashtag has brought us an incredible amount of opportunities both professionally and personally! Happy 10th Birthday, Hashtag!