The Social Shoutout – July roundup!

By July 28, 2017 Stories

July is coming to an end and summer is in full swing…although who would have thought it with the weather?! Here we give you a recap of our top social media stories and updates that we have brought to you throughout month.


Royal Opera House Emoji Competition

World Emoji DayWorld Emoji Day was celebrated on the 17th July 2017, and we were once again blown away by how some brands got creative with emoji’s to share their messages, increase their reach and of course increase engagement. Our favourite was The Royal Opera House’s take on it.

The Royal Opera House really gave it their all when it came to #WorldEmojiDay by utilising a whole range of emoji’s to undertake a fun and engaging competition! Throughout the day, using solely emoji’s, they put out 20 quiz questions to their followers, asking them to guess an opera or ballet title.

To enter into the prize draw, the audience had to retweet the competition (increasing reach and engagement) and send their answer via direct message. Each correct guess and RT gained an entry into the competition, up to a maximum of 20 entries. The more you entered, the more chance of winning you had!

The participant drawn from the prize draw won 1 entry ticket to the Royal Opera House! What an amazing way to raise awareness and increase traffic to their venue – after all, the winners surely aren’t going to attend a performance alone!

WhatsApp’s New Feature

If you are a clumsy fingered person, which results in the sending of unintended messages, then this feature will get you excited!

The new WhatsApp feature allows users to recall or rather, un-send messages they have sent by accident. A word of warning though –  if the recipient is online, and has received your message, there is no way to recall it! The message has to remain unseen or undelivered for the feature to work. There is also a 5-minute deadline on recalling the message.

The feature was initially made available for the Beta version, but since nobody pays for WhatsApp anyway, we are patiently waiting for it to be rolled out to all of us.

Facebook/Instagram Inbox on Facebook Pages Manager

You know how we mentioned having everything under one roof? Well, Facebook and Instagram have also done just that. Facebooks latest update has changed the basic ‘messages’ tab into an inbox, meaning brands will be able to manage all of their messages from various social media platforms in one place (moving between each social platform to look at messages can be time-consuming and complicated).

The inbox enables you to manage Messenger messages, Facebook posts, and Instagram comments while in the same app. This innovative new feature is set to be a reliable and useful tool for helping the organisational aspects of social media of developing business’ worldwide. There was no timeline for the rollout, but this has now begun and is looking to be with everyone very soon.

Facebook Introduces Messenger Ads

Facebook now has over 2 billion users, of which 1.2 billion are using the Messenger app. They announced this week that they were beginning to test out the new ads feature on the messaging app, now being rolled out globally.

Ads will be displayed on the home tab, which will then take users to either the advertiser’s website or to a chat window to talk further. Users can have the option to temporarily hide specific ads, but not stop them completely.

Facebook Messenger Ads

The Power of Love.. and Social Media!

Finally, to round off the month’s news, there’s been a great story recently highlighting the power of social media. A famous US bridal dress company filed for bankruptcy and closed down 60 stores across the US. This left thousands of women without their pre-ordered and purchased bridal dresses.

Twitter came to the rescue! Within days of the company’s closure, women took to social media to offer their already used Alfred Angelo dresses for free to women who had purchased gowns from the stores but would not receive them.  How nice to see women coming together to help brides prepare for their big days! (Let’s hope our recently engaged Account Manager, Sarah, hasn’t got her heart set on one of their gowns!)