The Social Shoutout! Snapchat news, Instagram stories, Twitter Gaffes & more…

By November 3, 2017 Stories

We are at the end of the first week of cold, dark nights. But what better way to brighten up your day than to read the Weekly Social ShoutOut! There has been lots going on this week so have a read here:

Snapchat News

Experts believe that we should use Snapchat to share news content for the generation Z audience

Sumaiya Omar, co-founder of social video company HashtagOurStories has suggested that the generation Z audience are looking for content that is real, raw and authentic, which platforms like Snapchat can provide.

She says ‘Young people don’t want to see classic head and shoulders TV-style, repurposed content, they want to see real and raw content that they can relate to.’ Snapchat claims that its users spend 30 minutes a day on the app and visit it about 18 times a day. She says ‘We should go to where the audience is.’

What do you think? Should news content be shared on Snapchat to tap into this audience?

Instagram is testing a stop-motion camera for Stories

This new tool will let you take a long series of photos, which Instagram stitches up into a GIF. You can then post this into your story. Once you are done snapping your photos, you tap ‘done’ to gain access to story-editing tools like stickers and text. From there, you can post the stop-motion GIF into your story.

It hasn’t been released globally, but hopefully, if it proves to be popular within the test group, it could join Instagram’s family of creative tools inside the Story camera.

GBBO Judge Prue Leith accidentally leaks the show’s winner on twitter, hours before the final is due to air.

She announced the name of the winner in a tweet, after saying how ‘emotional’ the judging of the final had been. The tweet was very quickly deleted and she later apologised blaming it on a time zone issue. but the damage was already done. People had noticed and remarked upon the gaffe and it spread like wildfire.

If this isn’t a lesson on being careful before you hit ‘Tweet’ I am not sure what is!

In other Twitter news… it was as if Christmas came early this week when Donald Trump’s account was silenced for 11 serene minutes. Far from an accident, it was a disgruntled Twitter employee on his last day that managed to shut it down. They gained much praise and congratulations across social media and the jokes were flying around much to Trump’s dismay.

We all have one person’s account we would want to silence.. who’s would yours be?

Facebook’s ‘Workplace’ Spreads to 30,000 Businesses

A year on from launching their ‘Workplace’ software to support chat and collaboration within companies and non-profits, the tool is now being used by more than 30,000 organisations.

Companies such as Walmart, Heineken, Spotify and Starbucks have created more than 1 million groups on the platform. It lets users quickly look up co-workers, post about their work, follow a feed of colleagues’ updates, discuss projects in groups and watch live presentation videos. It also supports features such as screen-sharing, file sharing, mentions and gifs.

With lots of competitors in that marketplace, Facebook’s broad global reach should help propel it’s use in a crowded space. Due to the simplicity of the tool, requiring minimal training, companies will be attracted to using this. So what do you think? Are they going too far moving Facebook into the enterprise space?