The Social Shoutout! Snapchat Selfie Drones, Facebook Ranking & More

By August 4, 2017 Stories

From online hackers to Facebook ranking and more technological convergence, we bring you another week of all things new in the online world.

Snapchat Selfie Drones

After launching their Snapchat Spectacles back in 2016 and then opening them for general sale to the public earlier this year, Snapchat are making their next move. It has been reported that the company are in talks with Chinese drone manufacturer, Zero Zero. Whilst Snapchat are yet to confirm the news, we can’t help but begin to imagine the incredible Snapchat stories!

Facebook Ranking

If your site speed is slow and you’re left waiting around for your home page to load then you need to be aware of this! Facebook have recently announced that in the coming months, you will start to see the sites that load fastest, ranked highest in your newsfeed.

The update will enhance your user experience, also taking into consideration your network connection. If your connection is slower than usual, your newsfeed will be tailored to this and as a result, show less videos.

Stories for Everyone

After introducing their stories feature in a bid to keep up with rivals, Snapchat, Facebook have just announced that the stories feature now has the ability to be public. Meaning, like your status’, you can set them so any user can see them.

The story will still only last for 24 hours after posting but this feature opens them up to a much wider audience. Whilst this may be beneficial for some, always ensure your privacy settings are locked down to the level you require and ensure social media safety.

HBO Hacking

Hackers have been at large for many years now, the celebrity iCloud hack was one that we will all remember, more recently the NHS system was hacked with confidential information compromised, further causing a system failure. However, earlier this week we saw what has been named the biggest Hollywood hack.

HBO, distributors of world famous show, Game of Thrones came under attack when a savvy hacker gained access to 1.5 terabytes of data and ultimately leaked two unaired GoT episodes. Whilst the die hard fans were likely to be elated by the opportunity to get ahead of the game, it’s not good news for HBO, with this being their second hack in two years.