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By September 28, 2017 Stories

It’s nearly the weekend! But before you head off down to your local, check out our weekly round-up of all things Social.

Twitter Try 280

The Tweets on your timeline are about to get super-sized.

Yes that’s right, Twitter is testing upping their character limit from 140 to 280.

Not all the social network’s users will have access to the new limit just yet. Twitter has selected a number of accounts to test the doubled character limit. Although those who do have the facility don’t seem to be enjoying it.

The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, broke the controversial news on Wednesday.

But not everybody is happy about their newly found freedom to rant. With some users loving not being cut off mid-sentence, and others wishing they’d been given an edit tweet button instead, the decision has twitter completely divided.

We thought we’d investigate further, and created a twitter poll asking users their thoughts on the questionable decision.

Our results showed the majority chose to stick with what they know, with 66% preferring to ‘Keep it concise’.

So, what does the future of twitter look like?

Will the 140-character limit soon be just another fond memory? Will the ‘riff-raff’ of Facebook be flocking to twitter now they have enough words to rant about their exes? In 280 characters, could Donald Trump write a tweet that actually makes sense?

What do you think? Let us know by tweeting us at @KCComms

Instagram Combat Cyber-bullying

This Tuesday, Instagram launched their newest feature ‘Comment Controls’, which allows users with public accounts to block certain people from commenting on their posts.

The feature aims to improve universal mental health by combating cyber-bullying and preventing online trolls.  Instagram users can now limit comments to certain groups of people, e.g. people they follow, filter who can see their posts and anonymously report any disturbing or distressing live broadcasts.

Over the next few months, the Facebook-owned company will also be painting walls in numerous cities around the world, making colourful murals to inspire their new campaign ‘Kind Comments.’

Instafans can take part by visiting a wall, taking a photo or video and sharing the post using the hashtag #KindComments to send kindness to their followers and hopefully make someone’s day.

iOS 11 Hidden Features

Apple launched its newest software update for our iPhones last week, and they threw a whole lot at us in one go.

Once we found our way around the new layout, grasped ‘do not disturb’ driving, mastered screen recording AND conquered the new photo effects, we didn’t think one little update could change much more.

After a summer full of selfies, app updates, and Bieber releasing more songs we couldn’t stop ourselves from downloading, our iPhones storage is fuller than ever.

But luckily for us, in iOS11 there’s some useful storage saving options tucked away in the settings menu.

Hidden in Settings, General, iPhone Storage, you’ll find the option to ‘Offload Unused Apps’. Enabling this will instantly free up space on your device by deleting apps you rarely use, while keeping the data that’s stored in them safe.

Enabling the ‘Auto Delete Old Conversations’ saves storage by deleting old chats.

While ‘Review Large Attachments’ allows you to see and delete all photos and videos within your messages, allowing you to save up to 116.2MB.

Finally! More space to download our favourite Netflix series’.

Google turned 19!

Now more than ever, we’re a nation completely dependent on Google.

And on Wednesday, everybody’s favourite search engine turned 19!

The word ‘Google’ itself has even become a verb for ‘searching the internet’.

In fact, ‘I’ll Google it’ may be becoming one of the most commonly used phrases in the world.

So Happy Birthday Google. Thanks for the first 19 years of your help. Here’s to 19 more.

By Amelia French, Northumbria University