The ultimate social media experiment is back – The Circle

By September 24, 2019 Stories

Channel 4’s The Circle first hit our screens last year and proved to be a massive hit with viewers. The show returns for a second series tonight, but is the concept behind The Circle damaging to viewers?

Eight strangers have signed up to appear in the social media game show, which follows the ideology that ‘anyone can be anyone’ in the game. Last series saw winner Alex Hobern impersonate as a 25-year-old woman called Kate, fooling the other contestants with the use of pictures of his real-life girlfriend as his own ‘selfies’.

This means that for 21 days, Alex, a 26-year-old-male, was able to maintain the pretence that he was actually a single woman, because he never actually met his fellow-players face-to-face and only ever interacted with them via social media platforms.

‘Catfishing’ has become more common with the access of social media, and can prove devastating for the target with stories of people sending money to a person they think is someone else. Catfishing is when somebody is lured into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona, so does the concept behind The Circle encourage this behaviour?

It might be suggested that the show displays to viewers how this type of behaviour can be played out, with some viewers of last year’s series taking to Twitter to voice their concerns:

Really confused at ‘the circle’. Catfishing is frowned upon but they’re making a full programme kind of promoting it??? Not a fan

— Katie (@Katieoleyx) September 18, 2018

However, the aim of the show is to actually display the effects of social media as a whole and highlights how social media can be used to influence others.

The idea that contestants are competing for the popularity crown over social media, which resulted in an impersonator being voted the winner, really hammers home the important message that your social media following are invested in what you choose to post.

This really highlights the power of social media, and the importance placed on it in today’s society. If you are using social media, are you using it effectively to create an impact? If you need help in ensuring your social media messaging is aligned with your brand values, get in touch. We have a number of social media packages available.