Introducing the latest twitter marketing tool ‘Everyday Moments’

By July 16, 2014 April 9th, 2015 Stories

Twitter have certainly been busy recently, having launched their long awaited analytical tool they have now announced they will be launching a marketing tool in the coming weeks that will provide marketers with the insight to target their core audience around key everyday moments.

Described by the Twitter research team as an interactive visualisation of conversations which offers a “hands-on, practical way of bringing conversations to life”, the online tool – called ‘Everyday Moments’ – will aim to help marketers tap into the rhythm of conversations and help marketers think about everyday opportunities in a more structured way and encourage them to spend more on advertising throughout the year.

The tool will provide a map of the UK, where there will be a list of 30 or so terms, emotions, activities, and TV programmes such as happy, sad, dog, cat, yoga, pub, train, EastEnders or Coronation Street. As brands usually increase their activity to target audiences around key events such as the world cup or Glastonbury, the tool will enable brands to get their tweets in front of key audiences around certain key everyday moments. For example, whilst waiting for a train they could be pushed a tweet about an eBook, or by posting about shopping they could be pushed tweets for store discounts whether that be a retailer or perhaps a place for weary shoppers to rest their feet and replenish their energy levels.

By tapping in to ‘Everyday Moments’ Twitter are suggesting a brand can expect 2.4 times more retweets and 2.1 times more mentions and 2.5 times greater share of voice.

Certainly something to get excited about! I’m certainly looking forward to testing out the tool and helping the businesses I work with to increase their reach and ultimately turn their audience into customers.

Watch this space…Twitter Everyday Moments