Unfinished Business: Why I Had to Return to KC

By December 13, 2018 Stories

I suppose it all started during my last year of study. That’s when they said we ought to get some ‘first-hand experience.’ I winced at the thought; a job in PR seemed to me about as prosperous as leaving a vast collection of countries we call the EU. (First class satire). I’d been thrown off the idea by a sequence of dim lectures and nondescript seminars in moody university theatres. If you’re reading this Jenny, I don’t mean you, you were fab!

I had a week here in April 2018, which was nowhere near long enough. So, when I’d graduated and had nothing to do and no money to do it with, I got in touch with Katrina, the MD at KC to enquire about some further experience. To begin with, I commuted from Hull a couple of days a week. I wanted experience; I saw it as an investment in myself and this was soon rewarded with a paid 10-week internship which extended by a further 4 weeks. I was chuffed; I’d not been out of university a month, and I’d already got a job in a sector I studied. It was almost newsworthy.

Whilst here I have been exposed to many new experiences. They make for a long, drawn out and arduous read, so I’ll put them into bullet points:

  • Planning and scheduling clients’ social media
  • Learning how to run social media ads
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Writing blog posts for clients and KC
  • Taking part in personal training development, including personal branding with Deborah Ogden and peer mentoring with Natasha McCreesh.
  • Creating graphics in Canva
  • Compiling press books for clients
  • Learning how to approach journalists – including picking up the dreaded phone!
  • Researching forward feature opportunities

And the staff! What a dream assembly. I owe a lot to Katrina, the boss, whose backstory, work ethic, and loyalty has inspired me in more ways than she’ll know. Laura, who tried her best to deter me from ever having kids by constantly slating her own (in the most loving way possible – they keep her awake pretty much all night most nights), has been a wonderful source of help for me over the last few months. And then we have the newbies. I can’t tell you how many times Anna and I have discussed, with scrupulous detail, the genius of ABBA. I also won’t forget Kirstie, who sits at her desk in the corner with tinfoil on her head and shares with me her favourite conspiracy stories. The pair taught me tonnes. They reinvigorated an already spectacular business.

I wouldn’t change anything, except perhaps the music, which can be contentious at times. Take, for instance, when some monster selects Radio 1 as the day’s background music; if at rare moments you have stopped hearing Budapest it is because you have begun hearing Shotgun. Mr Ezra reverberates off the walls like some sort of palpable entity who has it in for you.

Ubiquitous George aside, I’d have changed nothing and done nothing differently. Even the mistakes, and there were a few! It’s been an experience I’ll take with me wherever I end up next and I’m grateful I got to experience it with the team at KC.

I will really miss the team. I hope that they’ll miss me, too.