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At KC Communications, it’s our combination of creativity and innovation that allows us to continue to yield amazing media coverage for our clients.

Alongside our killer ideas, we know how to target local and national media to build your brand and increase your visibility. Apart from just generating sales, a good PR strategy boosts areas of your company such as credibility, investment, and recruitment.

As a PR agency, we work closely with journalists and have built strong, positive relationships with journalists and publications alike to facilitate greater PR coverage. These relationships are across a variety of media channels to capture your audience.

Regardless of your industry, we have access to a national media database that allows us to research and contact any type of relevant publication to help get your message to your target audience. We also use press tracking software so we are able to measure the effectiveness of the PR campaign by monitoring the reach of these publications.

To raise your profile, we will also work with you to create award submissions. Awards are a fantastic way of shouting about your organisation and generate great PR. Everything sounds better when it is “award-winning”!

On our clients’ behalf, we are happy to take public speaking opportunities or attend events on your behalf to further amplify your brand awareness. You may not have the capacity to attend yourself, so let us fulfil this requirement.

Influencer marketing has recently exploded on the online market, and you could be missing a good opportunity by not getting involved. Let us develop your influencer programme and manage how you work with bloggers to get your product or service out there.

Through our PR efforts with online publications, we work to get articles and blogs placed that contain backlinks to your website. This feeds into your digital marketing strategy by improving your rankings on search engine result pages and drive more traffic to your website.

A good PR campaign works best alongside a strategic marketing campaign. PR activity generates fantastic content to share on social media! As a PR and marketing agency, KC Communications is able to create an integrated strategy to achieve the best results.

Press release creation and distribution

Monitoring and responding to specific journalist requests

Ongoing media relations

Award entries

Public speaking and events

Influencer outreach and management

Blog content management

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KC Communications creates a monthly report that helps to monitor the impact of their work - in my case, PR activity alone. Through the reporting of data and, more importantly, the analysis of that data, they pointed out that whilst traffic to my independently-created website was increasing (because of the PR activity), the bounce rate was high.

This highlighted a risk to the return on investment from PR activity. Because of this insight we were able to redirect their activity to refining my branding, messaging and website structure, before resuming focused PR activity.

As a client I feel reassured that KC Communications is invested in my long-term success and not activity for activity’s sake!

Natasha McCreeshBusiness Coach