What’s your Favourite Social Media Platform this #SMW16?

By June 10, 2016 July 9th, 2016 Stories

As Social Media Week 2016 draws to a close, we’ve considered our favourite social media channels at KC Communications and why we love using them so much!

Not only is social media a great platform for businesses and brands to engage with their target audience, it’s also a creative avenue for individuals to express their thoughts and feelings, interact with others, entertain and share inspiration.

As avid social media enthusiasts, #TeamKC spends a heck of a lot of time on the various platforms – here’s what we had to say about our favourites! 

Our Founder and MD, Katrina Cliffe can’t go a day without Tweeting!

‘I love the fact that Twitter gives me the freedom to engage with anybody across the world. I am not restricted by the fact we’re not connected. It’s a fantastic platform for finding like-minded individuals, engaging in conversations that I’m interested in and it’s also a great tool for undertaking research. You’d be quite surprised at how easy it is find key people by searching on Twitter – with only a few keywords!’

 Latest #TeamKC recruit, Account Manager Sarah Benson, is a huge fan of Instagram:

‘My favourite platform is Instagram because I enjoy taking photos in my spare time and it enables me to share my pictures with friends. It’s also really simple to use and the content is much better quality than Facebook. Instagram is full of eye-capturing and appealing images that provide inspiration and ideas!’

KC Account Manager Jennifer Ogden is a keen Facebooker!

‘I enjoy using Facebook to stay in touch with friends that are far and wide. I only keep a small number of friends on Facebook to ensure privacy but it allows me to share things with the friends I do have and keep them all updated at the same time. As a user for the last 8 years I’ve built up so many photos and memories on the platform that deleting the account would never be an option!’

KC Marketing Assistant, Olivia Bates is a Snapchat aficionado:

‘I am very visually-driven so my favourite social media channels would have to be Snapchat and Instagram. A picture really does say a thousand words! Instagram is a great way to gain a real insight into what other people/companies are getting up to and I like to showcase what I’ve been doing without having to write an essay status update about it! Snapchat is also great as it makes talking to friends much more interesting than just sending a standard text.’

We want to know your favourite social media platform and why you love to use it. Tweet @KCComms your comments!