WhatsApp for Business

By January 10, 2018 Stories

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work. Brian Acton.

The ways in which businesses communicate with their target audience has shifted an incredible amount over such a small period of time.

Marketing, dealing with complaints/queries and engaging with the public through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is now the norm and whilst this level of public communication has been known to ultimately be the downfall of businesses, the level of opacity and humanisation that it provides is certainly a positive.

Whilst the most valuable social media platforms for businesses are Facebook (89%), LinkedIn (83%), YouTube (81%), and Twitter (80%), as always, the world of marketing and communication has found ways to further penetrate communication platforms, one example being WhatsApp.

Founded in 2009, WhatsApp is now named as the most successful instant messaging app in the world. With 1 billion daily users, and Generation Z being the most tech immersed generation yet, the reach is incredible.

As someone who welcomes brands interacting with me through WhatsApp, I took a look at the other stand out brands that were jumping on the bandwagon and how they were executing it.

Holiday Pirates

Holiday PiratesI’m a true bargain hunter and Holiday Pirates has always been the holiday bundle site I go to when looking to book. So, when I heard that they had a WhatsApp service I sent them the text to give them the go ahead and have been receiving great deals ever since.

Whilst I’m always trying to plan my next get-away, it was only something that would come in waves. I’d hear the rain on the window and think, “Jeez, I can’t wait for summer, let’s look at where we can go.” This happened every few months or so, that is until this revelation.

I now find myself researching these destinations, enquiring about prices, sending them to friends and family and I’m sure in 2018 I will book through them too.

It is an absolutely fantastic way to keep a brand and/or service at the forefront of the consumers mind and it has certainly worked for me!



buyagiftSimilarly to Holiday Pirates, Buyagift used the instant messaging service to alert their consumers about the latest discounts and deals online. By doing this, they could instantly create a direct link from consumer to specific pages.

The aim is to prompt consumers to act on impulse and begin the consumer journey, resulting in a purchase.





HellmansPersonalisation is something that we, as consumers have been yearning to see in marketing efforts and it something that helps us feel more connected to the brand. So, when Hellman’s launched their interactive WhatsCook campaign for Brazilian customers, it was a huge success.

Users were encouraged to send photos of the contents of their fridges through to the Hellman’s team and chefs were around to offer tips on what they could make!

Whilst this was available on other social media platforms, the WhatsApp element amplified the direct and personal approach.

As with social media, you have to find the platform that works for your business and service. It’s better to do few well rather than many, poorly.