Work Experience Student Spends Week At KC Communications

By June 26, 2015 Stories

This week we welcomed Tim Sunderland, a sixth form student from Brighouse High School to KC Communications. As a marketing consultancy working across a variety of industry sectors we undertake varied tasks on behalf of our clients on a daily basis.

This week Tim has been getting involved with a number of activities, from learning how to use social media management tools (we set Tim up with his own twitter account @workexpKC) to undertaking research on video marketing and learning how to write reports.

We also set Tim with the task of creating a social media content calendar for a brand of his choice, taking into account relevant awareness days and how these can be utilised to grow a brands reach. This required some creative thinking and a lot of planning!

As an organisation passionate about supporting future professionals, it has been a pleasure to provide Tim with a packed agenda. We hope it has given Tim a real insight into our industry and the variety of tasks we undertake on a daily basis. We hope the opportunity we have provided Tim helps him to make an informed decision about his future career options.