#WorldEmojiDay Is Here!

By July 17, 2017 July 18th, 2017 Stories
Today is #WorldEmojiDay and what a better way to celebrate than with 56 new emoji’s hitting our keyboards soon, with dinosaurs, mermaids and vampires all coming your way! Well actually 239 emoji’s, when gender and skin tones are included.


So why have they chosen 17th July?

Simply because the iOS ‘calendar’ emoji displays the date of 17th July… It is as easy as that.

History of the Emoji

Emoji day was put together as a celebration of the emoji, a textual expression of emotion that came about in the old days of Japanese mobile phones. From there, these pictographic displays of emotion exploded into worldwide use. The word “Emoji” is derived from the Japanese words e (for picture) and moji (for character). Shigetaka Kurita is the man to thank for them… he created his first 180 emoji’s, based on the expressions he observed in the city where he worked. He also took inspiration from street signs, manga comics and weather forecasts that used symbols to show climate change.

We all love emoji’s, but why?

Language is constantly evolving. Just as slang terms have risen and fallen in popularity, emoji’s appear to be doing just the same. We continually look for new ways to communicate and emoji’s allow us to convey thoughts and feelings when stand-alone text will not suffice.

Our team's top 3 most used emoji's

Katrina Cliffe - CIM Yorkshire Board



Sarah Benson - Account Manager



Laura Batchelor - Account Manager



Megan West



Paula Kowalska - Marketing Executive



Lauren Hall - Account Executive



Amanda Evans



Clearly everyone’s favourite is the laughing/crying face! But as a little fun for us in the KC office, we decided to give ourselves an emoji that best represents us. Take a look at all of them here, click on each emoji to find out who is who!


And make sure you watch out for the new Emoji Movie hitting the big screens on the 4th August. We will see if the new characters have been introduced! Sir Patrick Stewart is even taking one for the team for Huddersfield and is voicing the Poop emoji!

Why not tweet us @kccomms and tell us which is your most used emoji! Fill the world with the wonderful, amazing, silly images that are emoji’s!