#WorldEmojiDay Success Stories

By July 19, 2017 Stories

World Emoji Day was back once more on the 17th July 2017 and we were once again blown away by how some brands got creative with emoji’s to share their messages, increase their reach and of course increase engagement.

In our latest blog, we highlight some of those who really hit the high notes:

Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House Emoji Competition

The Royal Opera House really gave it their all when it came to #WorldEmojiDay by utilising a whole range of emoji’s to undertake a fun and engaging competition! Throughout the day, using solely emoji’s, they put out 20 quiz questions to their followers, asking them to guess an opera or ballet title.

To enter into the prize draw, the audience had to retweet the competition (increasing reach and engagement) and send their answer via direct message. Each correct guess and RT gained an entry into the competition, up to a maximum of 20 entries. The more you entered, the more chance of winning you had!

The participant drawn from the prize draw won 1 entry ticket to the Royal Opera House! What an amazing way to raise awareness and increase traffic to their venue – after all, the winners surely aren’t going to attend a performance alone!

Matilda The Musical

Everyone knows Matilda is a book worm and genius and so Matilda The Musical in London was no exception to the rule when it came to joining in on the hype of #WorldEmojiDay.

Participants were asked to guess the name of the book Matilda was reading through the emoji’s presented. They even linked this through to their Facebook account, generating engagement across multiple platforms!

It was a great way to engage lovers of musical theatre, but to also put the West End firmly on the maps, by showing they are involved in social media.

Matilda The Musical

Markettier MCR

Markettiers MCR

Marketing broadcast specialists Markettiers MCR, again jumped on #WorldEmojiDay with a quiz. ? ?? Anyone? Easy, right?

Whoever guessed first then took to the “floor” to ask their own ‘Guess the Movie’ through emoji’s. This continued throughout the day with more and more marketing agencies getting involved.  With clever targeting, they got in front of their audience including both existing partners and targets with a fun and exciting activity.

Most of the marketing agencies that joined in replied with the use of a GIF, and this certainly added humour to the chain! This kept on going for several hours, which meant this chain of tweets kept popping up in people Twitter news feed, growing Markettiers MCR recognition massively!

Business Insider

The business news giant decided to showcase their news-writing skills and tell the history of emoji’s… by replacing some words with easily identifiable emoji’s.

Although it wasn’t a campaign as such, Business Insider decided to share the history of emoji’s in this informative video.

With an intro from cult American comedy Brooklyn 99, Business Insider set out how the way we express our language has evolved over the years from simple text, through to emoticons (remember this anyone :‑Þ) and to the ever evolving range of emoji’s.

Business Insider Emoji History

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Turns 25

Even though it wasn’t a #WorldEmojiDay contest, it was the iconic Percy Pig’s 25th Birthday!

What better way to celebrate than with the use of emoji’s and a short little video to celebrate Percy’s life? They even created a hashtag of their own: #percyturns25!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the above and if you spotted any interesting ways other organisations or brands jumped on #WorldEmojiDay tweet us @kccomms!